There is one room in a home that always draws a crowd: the kitchen. Family and friends gather around it while food is being made, and when it’s time to sell, there isn’t much that sells better than a fantastic kitchen. When it comes to kitchen renovation and custom kitchen cabinets, you will get the very best when you choose the professional team at Intact General Contractors as your kitchen remodeling contractor. We have done kitchen remodeling projects for many homeowners, and not only are they thrilled with the results, but their ideas usually leave us in awe, too. With an sample amount of websites out there dedicated to showcasing beautiful homes and kitchens, there are many ideas and designs to choose from. Here are a few reasons why our clients have chosen to remodel their kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling to Increase Functionality

The first reason usually is functionality. There is something lacking in their kitchen that makes it not run as well as it can. For some, it can be a design issue. The last owners could have been taller than you, and you are tired of using a step ladder to reach a plate. For others, they need their kitchen to be more handicap accessible. Another functionality issue could be outdated appliances. Usually a switch out of appliances can be easily done on your own unless the new appliances you purchased are not exactly like what was installed. Homeowners also want more space in their kitchen for their pots and pans and food commodities, so they ask us to build custom kitchen cabinets.

Update Your Kitchen Design

Another reason why a client chooses to do a kitchen renovation project is to update the design. This can be a truly fun project because the homeowner gets to pick out all of the materials that they want, and their personality can really shine through.

When you choose to leave your kitchen remodeling project in our hands, you will see that we at Intact General Contractors are a one stop shop. We will help you with the design ideas and you will get final approval before construction begins. Contact us today »